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Weight Loss w/Out Dieting
 NYC Man Lost 226lbs

“Your mind is your greatest tool for transforming your body and your life,” says best-selling author, Jon Gabriel, and I completely agree.

Diets and exercise programs work great for some, but after you stop the program, many people yo-yo back and regain all the lost weight.

Why is that?

Jon says that your body gains weight to protect you from real or perceived dangers in your life. Things like stress, trauma, and hardship.

You might have seen Jon on the TODAY Show or heard him on Coast to Coast radio as he is become a leading authority on non-diet weight loss.

Jon’s mind-body approach makes a lot of sense, and more importantly, it’s worked for thousands of people.

Jon says: “When you find out the real causes of your weight gain, the transformation process is natural and easy.”

This is an author worth checking out...


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What’s Triggering Your Weight Gain?
Diets and exercise programs can help you lose a few pounds in the short term, but long term, studies show that 92-98% of all dieters gain back all their lost weight–and often more. If this has been your experience, if you’ve tried and failed to lose weight  and keep it off, it’s very likely that you haven’t yet gotten to the root of the problem. Right now, you have one (or more) “fat triggers” that are keeping you stuck from achieving your goal.
The first step in The Gabriel Method is to take this FREE 3-minute, online quiz that will help you identify your fat triggers. After the quiz, you’ll see a short video from Jon explaining how The Gabriel Method can help you in your particular situation, and you’ll have an opportunity to sign up for more free information including videos, free reports and emails

Jon will show you some great recipes…

Need Recipe Ideas?
Most dieters are so frustrated and confused about what’s healthy and what’s not that they don’t even know where to begin in the kitchen.
The Gabriel Method teaches you that fat burning foods are natural foods, delicious and full of life-force energy. And the good news is that these are the foods that you already love—you just need to learn how to prepare them!
Watch this 3-part recipe video series to learn how to make Gabrielized versions of your favorites like pizza, yogurt smoothies, and turkey stuffing.
These recipes will give you high energy during the day and help you burn fat while you sleep. You’ll be amazed at how rich and flavorful eating The Gabriel Method way can be.
Want to Speak with Jon?

Jon is committed to helping as many people as possible overcome their weight challenges and continues to have direct contact with his students each week via live teleclasses, workshops and seminars, group coaching, and 1-on-1 sessions. Here’s how you can speak with Jon:
  • Call Jon on the Gabriel Method Show (free to join)
    Live, monthly class with expert guests. 
  • See Jon Live, In-Person (current events calendar)
    Workshops & seminars all over the world.
  • Ask Jon – Call-In Days (for Support Group Members)
    Members-only live call-in day to speak with Jon.
  • Private Consultations (very limited availability)
    Book a 1-on-1 with Jon Gabriel.

Join the Support Group!
Harvard researchers recently discovered that support was the key factor in long-term weight loss success (no one particular diet or approach stood out, just support). For this reason, Jon focuses 80% of his time working directly with a growing virtual community of like-minded people in a highly-active, Support Group.
Want to join? Try the Support Group free for 30 days, and you’ll receive a $149 value 4-DVD set in the mail as a “thank you” gift.

Join The Gabriel Method Show!
Jon has dedicated his life to helping others overcome their weight challenges, just as he did, and each month as part of that commitment, he teaches classes with experts in the field of health, wellness and personal growth. There is no charge to join these live, virtual classes.
The Case Study
  • Direct Access to Jon
  • Direct Access to Jon
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • 100% Action Oriented Approach
  • 6-month, Results Program
  • Serious, Motivated Students Only

Get Featured Stories…
There is nothing more inspiring than to see someone totally transform their body and their life. Here at The Gabriel Method, we get dozens of stories each day from people all over the world, and below are just a few examples. 
“I Couldn’t be Happier!”
Nicole Spitaliero
Weight Loss: 41kg (90 lbs) in 14 months
My first step was to embrace compliments. From the moment I had this realization, I took it upon myself to force myself to say “Thank you”and smile whenever I got a compliment. And trust me, when you’re losing weight and EVERYONE is noticing, you really do get used to it fast…. I couldn’t be happier!

“…my Body Did What it Did to Protect Me!”
Sarah Howard
Weight Loss: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Your story of how you grew to be bigger than your business partner enabled me to realize that I had done the same thing. My father was a big man, probably 110-120 kgs, so in an effort to protect myself, my mother and my brother, I grew to be 140 kgs. I also realized that I was using my fat to physically distance myself from my father’s rage. I am still dumbfounded that my body did what it did to protect me.

“I Lost 51 Kilos in About Six Months”
Amanda Pearson
Weight Loss: 51 kg (113 lbs) in 7 months
I lost 113 pounds (51 kilos) in about six months and I’ve kept it off now for over a year. Also my blood sugar levels went from a dangerously high 19 down to 6. I’m now within the normal range. They say I still have diabetes but I don’t think so.

“I Look Forward to Getting my New Body”
Miles Sheba
Weight Loss: 40 kg (88 lbs)
The hardest thing now is for me to not run over to family and friends and preach about how their eating all the time is causing their FAT programs to switch on etc.
I look forward to achieving my new body in a few months, and hopefully spreading the word, to people who are ready to hear it.

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