Top 5 Tips: Increase traffic to your site.

To raise the level of your Business financioer need new Customers. More traffic = More Client.

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Top 5 Tips: Increase traffic to your site.

 Without a robust search engine optimization (SEO) your website is just floating around not doing much.
These 5 SEO tips will help you move in the right direction to improve your position in search engines and increase traffic to your website naturally.

 1. Extensive keyword research --------------
SEO starts with a solid keyword research and sorting. Keyword Research takes patience and intelligent calculations. For example Google Keyword Tool, Google Insight and Google Suggestions ..
You get the exact number of monthly searches on Google. Here's what you do: a) download them to an Excel spreadsheet. b) Find your kind of keywords (that match your website content and products). c) sort by daily searches.

 2. Original and Optimized Content ------------
Writing SEO based content is the best element of a website. Both search engine crawlers and human beings love to read original and effective content filled with useful information. However, you must have an efficient use of SEO techniques for writing content. A smart and optimized work contains the right balance of keywords.
Generally, you should have a keyword density of 2% to 5%. a) Use two or three keywords in the whole content. b) Start the content with the most important keyword and end with the same keyword.

 3. Site Optimization --------
Google only reads the HTML of the page and must be properly optimized to guide the crawlers to the content areas.
Place keywords in the title, description, and add more keywords in the keywords area. Do not forget to put H1 to H6 using maximum keywords. Alt tags should be placed on the images wherever possible.

 4. Content Syndication ----------
 Write articles and advertisements on the website, products and services. Presents articles and advertisements in major ad sites.
Do not forget to leave anchor texts so that readers can go to your site. This practice is easy and very effective. It helps the site move by the search engines in a couple of days, which reinforces the natural ranking of the same. Also use anchors to internal pages (pages known to search engines). This increases the presence of further website.

 5. Social Bookmarks --------
It is very important to be very active in social bookmarking. Join all the major social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, etc. Bookmark your own articles and ads, make friends and share your favorites.

Top 5 Tips: Increase traffic to your site.Learn!!

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